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What to do When You Suspect a Language Delay

Language delays are more common than you might think! According to the University of Michigan Health System, delayed language development affects 5 to 10 percent of preschool-aged children

A language delay is a type of communication disorder. Your child may have a language delay if they don’t meet the language developmental milestones for their age. *See below for a good chart of language development milestones

Signs of a Language Delay: Children may have trouble expressing themselves or really understanding others.

Their delay may involve a combination of hearing, speech, and cognitive impairments.

It can be difficult for you to tell if their child has a language delay. You can't be too sure if it's an expressive language disorder or other underlying cause of speech delay. A Speech Therapist will be able to help you determine if your child is experiencing speech or language delays. The earlier your child gets help, the greater their progress will be!

Remember, you know your child best. You don’t have to wait and see if you think there might be a problem. And you don’t have to guess if your child will catch up. You can have your child seen by a speech-language pathologist ( SLP). The SLP will talk to you about your concerns and test how well your child understands, speaks, and uses gestures, and more!


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