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Every kid’s favorite game: Let’s feed Mr. Wilson!

What is Mr. Wilson game? Why are we playing this game?

While playing with Wilson, we work on picking up small objects (beans or buttons), and bringing beans to Wilson’s mouth. This improves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. We work on strength and grasping by squeezing Wilson to open the mouth.

Fine motor skill is one of the important skills that we need to complete the activities in daily living. Think about this, what is the most important part of the body we use to help us complete daily tasks?

Hands! We use our hands in everyday life, such as eating, drinking, dressing, working, driving…etc. We use our hands to do everything in our daily life!

Children learn the skills needed for their development, including handwriting, self-care (dressing, brushing teeth, using the bathroom), and playing. They are developing their fine motor skills!

I work with many children who struggle with handwriting or fastening clothes. One of the factors involved in these activities is the ability to control the fingers (dexterity). In my practice as an OT, I often use the Mr. Wilson game to work on children’s fine motor skills.

Plus, it is fun for the kids and they like Wilson!

Photo credit: Movie “Cast Away”

I named it Wilson because he looks like Wilson the volleyball from the movie “Cast Away”.

Make it creative and fun by letting your kid name the ball!

How to make Mr. Wilson at home?

You need one tennis ball, scissors, markers, beans, buttons, or any small objects, and yarn (optional)

Buttons, beans, dried corns, coins

1. Prepare a tennis ball. Draw a line between the white rubber lines on the ball.

2. Cut the line with the scissors to make a hole

3. Optional: Cut another line on the top to make the hair line. Cut some yarns and put them in the hair line.

4. Decorate the tennis ball with eyes and month using markers


Now Wilson is hungry and he wants to eat some beans!

Let’s feed Mr. Wilson some food!

I am proud to be an occupational therapist.Ella Wu, OTD, OTR/L Doctor of Occupational Therapy
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