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Susie Hernandez

Susie is a dynamic bilingual (Spanish) occupational therapist who received her Master's degree in occupational therapy from Tufts University.  In her professional career, she has worked with a range of populations across the lifespan including public schools, acute inpatient rehabilitation, home health, remote support to young adults with neurodivergent profiles.

She has gained a breadth of knowledge with her volunteer experience that has taken her to support populations in need nationally and internationally supporting immigrant families, low income families, the homeless community, and young adults with intellectual disabilities.

Susie's overall approach as an pediatric occupational therapy provider, is her unwavering commitment to providing holistic, culturally sensitive and client centered care through collaboration with the child, parents, and other disciplines.

When not at work, Susie enjoys dancing (Latin and freeform), hiking, yoga, photography, star gazing and birdwatching.

Susie is grateful for the opportunity to work with your child, and looks forward to supporting them on their journey to lead a more fulfilling life.

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