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AJ Frohne

AJ Frohne (they/he) grew up on a very small farm in rural eastern Washington. AJ graduated with their occupational therapy assistant degree from Bates Technical College in March, 2023.  

In August, 2023 AJ completed their Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Walla Walla University. AJ has fieldwork experience both with children and adults, and enjoys meeting people where they’re at to help them accomplish their goals.  

AJ’s passions include disability advocacy, neurodivergence affirming practice, sensory integration, and neurodivergent psychology.  

AJ is accompanied by their standard poodle service dog named Quin, who is trained to perform tasks that mitigate AJ’s disability and allow them to bring their best to each session.  

When he’s not working, Quin enjoys squeaking his stuffed dinosaur, playing chase, and going on long sniff walks.

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